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As part of BuyLeft’s user verification process, we require your company’s name and UEN. This is to ensure that BuyLeft remains a trustworthy, reliable platform for businesses to share their idle assets.

Any personal data that BuyLeft collects is strictly for internal usage. Third parties will not have access to your information, unless permission is granted by you.

Your contact information will only be used for essential communications from BuyLeft to you.

Apart from the information displayed on your user profile, other users do not have access to your contact information. You are advised to keep all communications between other users to the chat function on the Marketplace.


Only users that are approved by BuyLeft are allowed to create listings on the platform.

Payment will be released to the user upon completion of the stipulated period if there are no disputes launched.

BuyLeft will conduct an internal investigation, and reserves the right to withhold payment of funds to a user who has been deemed to have breached the Terms of Use.

BuyLeft accepts payment via PayNow, and bank transfer

As a user, you are able to either create listings to lease your assets (acting as a seller), or bid on existing listings created by other users (acting as a buyer).

Upon confirmation of a successful bid, buyer will have to make payment within 24hrs. If payment is not made within the stipulated time period, the bid would be considered void.

We understand that there are unforeseen circumstances that may occur resulting in a user inadvertently exceeding the stipulated rental period. BuyLeft provides a 15 minute grace period, followed by a pro-rated charge model for bookings that exceed a pre-arranged rental period. BuyLeft reserves the right to take internal action against users who repeatedly exceeds the stipulated rental period, which may result in a suspension of the buyer’s account.

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