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Only businesses legally registered under ACRA are allowed to join the BuyLeft platform. Regardless of what type of business it is, you are welcome to sign up to use our platform.


Lease out each of your idle assets within 5 minutes or search our marketplace for assets that you would like to rent out.


Select the asset you would like to rent or if you have listed one out, accept the request by the other business to rent it from you.


We understand that trust is very important in such a sharing, so feel free to chat with the other business to discuss further details before payment.


If you are renting an asset, make the payment to finalise the deal.


Share the asset with the other business, and be professional


Rate the transaction based on the condition of asset shared, price and ease of sharing

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Through the ShareRight marketplace, I've managed to save more than 2 months worth of rental for my office space. Definitely a useful platform especially since it barely costs you anything.
Krishna Prasad
Director of Sinpra consultancy

B2B Asset Sharing is the future

The sharing economy is booming and the trend of ‘using instead of owning‘ is on the rise.

BuyLeft is not just a marketplace, we are an entire ecosystem built to empower businesses to save and earn more

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