BuyLeft & ShareRight

By right, businesses are either buying expensive assets or renting them – both being a waste of their cash.

The name alludes to having to think unconventionally, and applying innovative methodologies to tackle problems

Earn More

Improve your cashflow by leasing out your idle assets to other businesses

Save More

Rent out what your business needs for 30-50% cheaper than the average market rate

Share More

Virtualise your fixed assets or run your operations without owning any

1 %
of corporate vehicles
1 %
of storage areas
1 %
of office spaces

are not being used every week

You may not need it.
Another business might.

When running the operations of your business, you would definitely not use all your assets 24/7. When you aren’t using them, another business might need them. So why not share it whenever you don’t need it?

We aim to create an ecosystem for businesses to efficiently utilize resources, where assets can be listed for short term lease on a marketplace. With transparent listings, we hope to bring clarity to a market which remains shrouded in opacity by profit-generating corporations. By reducing their operating costs through more efficient employment of existing resources, we aim to empower businesses.

BuyLeft is also the recipient of the Youth Action Challenge 2020 grant organized by the National Youth Council, and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. 

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